Angylion Hardd : Adennydd Mawr

Sampler Ankst Rhad ac am Ddim

Fformat: CD.
Label: Recordiau Ankst – ANKST 081
Dyddiad: 1997
Recordiwyd: Amryw.


  1. Rheinallt H. Rowlands – Carchar Meddwl Meddal
  2. Topper – Something To Tell Her
  3. Ectogram – This Is How It Is
  4. Geraint Jarman A’r Cynganeddwyr – Segontium
  5. Datblygu – Amnesia
  6. Melys – Ni Ddisgynna’r Aderyn
  7. Llwybr Llaethog – Mondo Mando
  8. David Wrench – Blow Winds Blow

Nodiadau gan David:

Oscar Wilde stated that all art was useless. However, he lived in a time before compact discs. Once upon a time, C.D.’s were a status symbol – just as L.P.’s were in the 1960’s. Nowadays, thankfully, 20 years after punk became commercial, a C.D. of this quality becomes freely available.

Within the so-called Welsh scene, the artists inhabit their own worlds – however there is no competition between them, only co-operation… How different to the horrible realities of the National Eisteddfod and professional sport.

Healthy competition does not exist.

Schools encourage it.

If we didn’t have so many schools, we wouldn’t need as many hospitals.

It’s much better to see music at sports stadiums than overpaid actors chasing balls when there are people who are homeless or being crippled by work.

Music unites – even snooker divides. And if anyone finds the contents of this C.D. boring, it’s not as boring as cricket. It’s the sound of life, not bland background daytime radio for the construction industry or people suffering exam revision. For those who have outgrown books, there’s poetry here. It’s a film soundtrack too – the film is in front of your eyes, not in the cinema.

So, pour yourself a drink, listen and enjoy.

Repeat the dose, and carry on and on.

Love, David, Datblygu, May ’97