Datblygu yn un o uchafbwyntiau 2012 – Bethan Elfyn

Blogiad diwedd y flwyddyn gan Bethan Elfen:

3. John Peel favourites Datblygu celebrate 30 years with an exhibition, film & new EP

“Born in a bedroom in Cardigan 30 years ago, the band Datblygu were hailed as the first truly modern Welsh-language group; their uncompromising, immense music has been described as genius, and their influence on Welsh music as immeasurable.”

It was my great pleasure to catch up with Pat Morgan from Datblygu, just before the end of the year on my radio show to talk about Datblygu’s legacy, and how a new audience are still being inspired by them, their music.

It was great news too that the creative juices are flowing and that we may hear more new music from them in future, because their music holds its own, sounds equally as vital and fresh today, and politically is still a much needed lone voice in the wilderness. What I mean is that not many new bands are bothering to tackle the issues of our day, but poet and frontman David R Edwards still has something relevant to say for a new generation.

2012 celebrated Datblygu with a year long exhibition in Waffles café in Cardiff, a film produced and directed by Owain Llyr, launched at theatr Mwldan, Cardigan, and a new EP on Anskt – Darluniau Ogof o’r Ugainfed Ganrif a’r Hugain. Head to datblygu.com for more info on the band.