Comiwnydd ola Ewrop i fod yn y Morning Star

Erthygl gan Attila the Stockbroker yn y Morning Star sy’n sôn cryn dipyn am Datblygu:

I heartily applaud all those who are helping to revive and nurture the language and Dave Datblygu is in the vanguard of that. None of this of course means that I understand Welsh although David has helped me with some essential words: “cwrw” (“beer”) “pel-droed” (“football”) and, from Monty Python’s Anglo-Hungarian Phrasebook sketch, “mae fy nethau yn ffroidro gyda mwynhad” (“my nipples explode with delight”) which is always a good one to have up your sleeve.

Digon o le yn y dosbarth, Attila.

(Diolch i Datblygu Trideg am y linc.)