Datblygu yn y Wladfa Newydd

Mae cwpl o erthyglau Saesneg ar Datblygu wedi ymddangos ar Culture Colony / Y Wladfa Newydd yn y misoedd diwetha, sef Datblygu 2008 am y fideo Llwch ar y Sgrîn, ac adolygiad “Atgoffion Hen Wanc”:

This is a straight and honest account of David’s life from his own point of view. There’s romance, but he’s not romantic about it, there’s success, but he dosen’t revel in it, there’s plenty of tragedy, but he tells it as it is and moves on. There is a starkness to the writing, some chapters are only half a page long, and this makes it an easy read. I read the book in a day and wandered around the house with it as I played with my daughter and made lunch. A bit of a surreal experience to tell the truth, to be happy in my day while at the same time having a glimpse at Dave’s alcoholism and disappearance into mental illness.

Mae gyda nhw erthygl dda ar y sioe yng nghaffi Waffle, hefyd:

The influential band Datblygu is 30 years old. To celebrate this anniversary the Waffle Coffee Shop (63 Clive Road in Canton, Cardiff) has put up an exhibition of personal memorabilia donated by the band’s two main members, Pat Morgan and David R. Edwards.

Victoria Morgan of the Waffle Shop, and sister to Pat, said “It’s a bit of a ‘home made’ exhibition, but then that’s what Datblygu were all about”.