Sarah Hill ar D30

Datblygu Trideg gan Sarah Hill yn y Welsh Arts Review.

Dave Edwards’ lyrics uncovered a shared generational feeling of disillusionment and hopelessness caused in no small part by the Thatcherite machinery. Edwards’ place on the margins of Welsh society, and at the outer edge of Wales, gave him a vantage point from which to declaim his poetry, straight into the belly of the beast. And needless to say, Datblygu had a strained relationship with the Welsh establishment. But John Peel loved them. On the Waffle walls are the rather endearing postcards he sent to Dave Edwards, as well as the hand-written track-by-track guide to pronunciation and meaning that Edwards sent Peel as PR for their album, Pyst (1990).

Ww, eisiau gweld hwnna!

(Diolch, Victoria!)