Diwedd y sganiadau?

O’r diwedd, dw i wedi dod i ben efo’r gwaith sganio popeth oedd gyda fi yma ers blynyddoedd, y rhan fwya o ddwylo Pat, nôl yn 2006. Ymddiheuriadau bod hyn wedi cymryd cymaint o amser, a diolchiadau mawrion i Pat, David, Malcolm Gwion, a phawb arall sy wedi anfon stwff ata i yn y blynyddoedd diwetha. Gobeithio bydd ypêts y dyfodol bach yn fwy prydlon.

Ta beth, dyma’r tudalennau newydd, neu’r hen dudalennau gyda chynnwys newydd arnynt:

Amheuon Corfforol, nodiadau o’r clawr mewnol, ac adolygiad gan Sion Sebon.

Tudalennau i gwpl o gasetiau bootleg: Harlow/Aberystwyth/Bangor ac Maent yn Saethu Ceffylau….

Mae tudalen Caneuon Serch i Bobl Serchog bellach yn cynnwys sganiadau o’r clawr, ac mae hysbyseb anhysbys wedi’i ddarganfod mewn amlen oddi wrth Malcolm Gwion.

Clawr caset Pop Peth.

Syth o’r Rhewgell – sganiadau y ffansîn cyfan o 1985.

Wedi ychwanegu tudalen newydd i restru Gigs Cronoleg Datblygu. Sdim llawer yno hyd yn hyn, ond bydd yn tyfu yn y man. Os oes unrhyw gwybodaeth, cofion, sganiadau neu recordiadau, cysylltwch trwy adael neges unrhywle ar y wefan, neu trwy ebostio fi.

Digon i’w wneud o hyd, ond mae’n braf cael popeth sy gyda fi ar bapur ar y we o’r diwedd.

Aberhonddu, 4/7/86

Ddim yn siwr am ddyddiad y gig ‘ma. Debyg bod y caset yma, neu’r un fan hyn, wedi’i gam-labeli, oni bai bod y band wedi gyrru o un pen Cymru i’r llall mewn diwrnod.

Prifysgol Manceinion, 28/2/87

Mae dyddiadur Chris yn cynnwys adolygiad o’r gig:

Datblygu turned up from their hut in mid-Wales, a line up that is David, Patricia and a drum machine and in front of about 70 to 80 people; including bar staff and sound engineers they raised their ugly heads and peered at the unsuspecting faces. They’ve been called Kraftwerk with a hangover and their music falls into The Fall [sic] mould and I can only describe it as an experience, a spectacle actually! Both David and Patricia’s attitude seemed to be one of total disinterest, as if they were hating every second of their own performance but were unable to do anything to stop it.

Very few bands like an in-house PA and Datblygu are no exception as David continually demanded, ‘Will you turn the fucking drum machine up please.’ He repeated the line so often that fitted quite well into the song!

The Datblygu experience (my first time!) was perhaps not as long as it should’ve been for me to fully get what they were about, their set included titles such as Tymer Asprin, Mynd and the near legendary Peel favourite Casserole. Perhaps the idea was to give the audience a short sharp shock, whereas in reality it was a slow, dull uncomfortable pain – they’ll probably go a long way… if they wanted to.

Maent yn Saethu Ceffylau

…a chyn aelodau o Hergest. Bootleg dw i heb ei glywed, sy’n cynnwys traciau awdio o’r sioe Fideo 9, recordiad o gig ym Mhontardawe yn 1988, a sesiwn a hanner o’r sioe John Peel (sy bellach ar gael ar CD).

Oes rhywun â chopi?

Sganiadau newydd, a bach mwy o wybodaeth, ar dudalen yr EP Dyma’r Rysait. Dal eisiau sgan o’r clawr blaen, os oes un ‘da rhywun.

“Pyst” Press Release

Press release sent out with “export” copies of Pyst.

Scanned from a second generation photocopy, so my attempt at a transcription follows. It’s slightly clipped on the right hand side, bits I’ve guessed are [in brackets], bits I can’t guess are [..]

[Gol. Diolch Victoria!]

PYST by Datblygu. Press Release



This is the second LP by Datblygu. The previous one (“Wyau“) received critical ‘acclaim’ in some quarters. So much so that the only way it got any attention in the N.M.E. was when John Peel selected it as one of his favourite records of that time. This was nice compensation for the racist blinkers worn by the hopeless hacks actually employed by that ragged rag.

Time Line

1990: This LP. 1989: Our last gig to date. We played in Wales’ capital city and bottles and glasses were thrown. We responded with a half hour one note waltz. I could never understand why all these Glastonbury playing bands existed with their Jimmy Tarbuck approach to music… 1988: Our first LP & second John Peel session. 1987: First vinyl release & first John Peel session. 1986 and Back: Gigs in cold and hostile village halls to cold and hostile village idiots, Also colder responses to limited edition bedroom cassette releases plus contributions to compilations LPs. 1982: Formed for two reasons: out of a hatred with what was being expressed
1. In the Welsh language
2. In music.
These reasons still apply. Therefore this LP had to be done.

1. The Welsh language ‘Culture’ is still the old folks home for subsidised idiots it ever was. 2. The music scene seems to be dominated by gits from north England who never grew out of their remedial department glue sniffing habits. They also make the use of anything more than a monosyllabic word a crime against fashion.

Also you can be guaranteed that we got this right in the first place so we don’t need to employ the dubious talents of some suntanned Londoner to remix it.

Anyway. Track List Translations

1. “Benjamin Morning”: Wake up. Take a sleeping tablet. Wake up. Take a sleeping tablet. Put in your box of preconceptions marked “Post A.I.D.S”

2. Out and Down: Out (in pubs). And Yazz was well off the mark because the only way is down hence the violins. In pubs I hoped for a female tongue in my ears but all I got was the overspill of middle aged men’s conversations in their eternal wife avoidance.

3. Take In a Show: Circles around the notion that the only reason shows have intervals is to do the audience a favour.

4. About: is a list of prejudices that I hold dearly against my fellow countrymen.

5. Novel From The Hovel: Is a short story, and the only I’d get one ‘published’ in Wales is to stick it between two ‘pop’ songs. Conclusion of the story? Slow drivers are far dangerous than fast ones and I should not have bothered taking my empty Scotch bottles to a bottle bank.

6. Ms. Laver Bread: Sex in the Welsh language shock. Laver bread is a food popular in parts of S.Wales. Ingredients include seaweed and pig fat but I like the woman in the song very much.

7. Intentions of Cows: I wanted the first “hymn” with lyrics I agree with.

8. Next Year Perhaps Leukaemia: “He’d like to say to her ‘Hey love, smile’, next year perhaps leukaemia.” Good jokes and “dance” music a plenty,

9. Twenty To One: is an analogy between a steeplechaser (all engagements dead) and me. “I was once at the tip of a commentator’s tongue. Now I’m here with the meat in a French supermarket”

10. The Nurse is Home:10. : I lived among nurses for a year. They are no more angelic than your neighbourhood pest.

11. Monkey with Scab: “Tradition’s a con, culture’s a con. What’s there to eat? Only a monkey with scab.”

12. Surfeit: …of being pissed off e.g. “I went down to look at the sea. It was like young testes singing in a choir.”

13. Rout: Is mainly a song about coughing, Christmas and good memories which make a useless present time feel much worse.

Yours, D Edwards, Autumn ’90

(Note: the stuff on the reverse of this press release was lifted from the local newspaper which serves the region where many of the songs on this record were written)

Further information, requests for interviews with people who’ve actually got something to say (I.E.not Yankie/Manky band neo-Willy Rushtonisms) can be arranged by phoning PATRICIA MORGAN on: 0497 – 821291 [ddim bellach] If not, we’ll have another record out in due course in any case.